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Finn Part III

Finn Part III

If you've followed along the past couple years then you have seen sweet Finn's face on here. He has had a little piece of my heart and I have loved him like my own. His face is one of the sweetest little things with eyes that show pain and innocence. 


Rhabdomysarcoma is just evil. Finn already lost his bladder to this tumor that was too tough for the chemo and radiation it had been hit with. So they removed his bladder and gave him a bladder bag. He did great! He adjusted to having to live with it and was living a happy toddler life. Eating all the Avocados and getting his smiles back. They came by to see us in the hospital on a routine MRI day. I honestly hadn't even given relapse a thought. Because we've already taken his bladder, lets give him a break...He needs one! 


Sadly, the results couldn't have been worse. The cancer was back. It had spread in his pelvis while on chemotherapy. They were faced with 2 options at Vanderbilt, clinical trials and chemotherapy with no guarantee. Dan and Brandi chose to go to Mayo for a 2nd opinion. The other option they recieved is that they put Finn back into another significant surgery to remove the tumor and the surrounding area in hopes of getting ANY spread cancer.  Why were they stuck with making such difficult decisions?! There are so many questions in the cancer world that go unanswered. Finn was a rare case so they were stuck with no data or research to help guide them in the right direction. They chose the surgical route and headed to Mayo clinic immediately. The first surgery was March 28th. They had to remove the front pubic bones, all pelvic lymph nodes, right obturator nerve, right interior obturator muscle, and large section of the rectum. With taking the large part of the rectum they made a colostomy.


They then had to go back in and do another Surgery after they biopsied the tumor and surrounding area, to remove more microscopic disease and remove more lymph node packets. Needless to say this surgery has been tough on him. He is in the hospital at the moment trying to figure out why he is still having so much pain and praying there is no infection. It hurts to see him like this. It hurts to see another mama hurting. I know she's missing her other 2 babies at home. I know they are so confused. Not only are they dealing with cancer but their oldest, Gavin has Cerebral Palsy and requires lots of care and attention. How they do it all I can't fully understand but their strength shines bright and you'll never see them without smiles on their face.  


When you think life is tough, think about these children fighting for their lives.  



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Meet Molly