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Beach Thanksgiving Tablescape

Beach Thanksgiving Tablescape

My favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving and I love hosting all the things! I’ve missed being able to have friends and family over to eat and spend time together. Thankfully I made up for lost time on my Thanksgiving spread and tablescape yesterday and wanted to share for inspiration!


I have loved every minute being at the beach and hosting Thanksgiving. I brought all my decor, plates and linen because I wanted it to still feel like home where ever we celebrate! I went for a bike ride and collected all the dried foliage along the beach for finishing touches! I’ve collected Table settings and decor for years but always buy to be able to mix and match. The Runner is actually a scarf my Brother-in-law gifted me from Vietnam and that was my inspiration for Thanksgiving this year. Rusty orange, Deep blues, copper, natural wood with a splash of gold.

Cocktails! The most important part, Duh. Apple Cider is my FAVORITE thing about fall. I could drink it everyday if it weren’t for all the (tasty) sugar. This year we went with Apple Cider Mimosas and the best part was the sugar Cinnamon rim. Although, I love me some fresh apple cider, the best one for this recipe has been the Publix brand spiced cider. Half of a container of cider, a bottle of bubbly, chunks of apple and cinnamon sticks, cranberry…anythings! The rim is 2tbsp sugar (organic brown coconut sugar is my fav) and 1tbsp of cinnamon for rim. Drink up!

I kept it simple this year with the food. A couple sides. Balsamic & bacon Brussels & Garlic Butter thyme sautéed Mushrooms. For Dinner I combined THREE Lasagna recipes and let me tell ya it was over the top good and gluten free for my me and my mama! It took a minute to make but was still so much easier for a smaller dinner party. To finish for dessert I used the pumpkin recipe on my blog but tweaked a little for a little less pumpkin for the not so pumpkin lovers. I made the crust EXTRA thick ( maybe a little thicker than the actual cheesecake) and didn’t grind up the pecans and ginger snaps as much for some yummy crunch and in cupcake pans for easy access and extra easy clean up.

All was perfect and none went to waste! What a great 2018 Thanksgiving.

Eat, Drink & Be Thankful
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